Advanced Video Camera and Editing

 Autumn 2014 Assignments

Camera Exercise

DUE 19 September

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DUE 3 October

Space: 1999

Title & Trailer

CU Science Update

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Ground Rules:

  • No late assignments.
  • Start early
  • No editing the day the assignment is due.
  • Do not export the assignment just before class. Have it done the day before.
  • Properly label the video file that you turn in with your name and the name of the assignment.

BEST PRACTICE: Finish editing with 24 hours to spare before the deadline! When you export the video, you must watch the video file in its entirety before turning it in.

Editing doesn't have to be a frantic push to meet the deadline with only seconds to spare. Video production work requires careful planning, and it requires time to execute. When you don't allow enough time, the work becomes rushed, frustration sets in, and you get discouraged.

Lack of inspiration and creativity, and a need to just get the assignment done, will show in the final product. 

Do something you can feel proud of.

Make your work stand out.

Make it worthy of an award!


The student volunteer production CU Sports Mag uses the edit lab Thursday evenings to finish work for their Friday show. Therefore, finish your assignments before Thursday evening.