Advanced Video Camera and Editing

Instructional Strategy

The material will be taught using lecture and hands-on activities, visual examples from news stories, films and documentaries, and class discussions. Group projects will mirror professional team dynamics. Class projects are designed to inspire creative energy and promote time management skills. In addition, students will learn what is considered to be broadcast-quality video. Students will work individually and in teams to complete their assignments, which will be evaluated by how well ideas are executed both technically and creatively and whether the work meets industry standards. This course will focus specifically on developing competency in visual literacy while learning how to get the most out of the camera and editing tools.

Students will apply the following lessons to their own work:

  • Cinematic language and camera dynamics.
  • Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.
  • Analysis of narrative films, documentaries and news stories.

Assignments are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity - determined by the extent your work embodies innovative or distinctive attributes, giving special attention to originality.
  • Execution - determined by how well the video is put together, e.g., seamless edits, non-distracting shots, smooth rhythm and pacing.
  • Content - whether the work embodies informational, entertaining or motivating material that is consistent with the project’s purpose

Instructional Strategy

Participation and Grading


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