Advanced Video Camera and Editing


due 3 October

Keyframing is a concept that derives from traditional animation. The lead animator draws the major poses, or keyframes, and then assistants would animate the frames in a process called tweening. In non-linear editing, the major keyframes are set along the length of a clip while the computer interpolates the values of keyframes between them. Adding keyframes to clips changes the parameters of the clip over time. These parameters may include motion, visual filters and even audio levels.

individual assignment helps the student get familiar with the concept of keyframing and how it may be used to animate graphics, still images and even text. The assignment will require that students conceive of a story, using still images set to audio that includes narration, music and sound effects. Under fair use for educational purposes, you can find still images off the Internet, using only the highest resolution possible to avoid pixellating when zooming in.

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